Learn How to Remodel a Deck

Due to the number of deck designs available, there are numerous ways to remodel and rebuild a deck. One of the main remodelling deck projects that is easy to do yourself is to expand your current deck space. Learn how to get rid of the stifling railing that enclose the space and open up your deck to new possibilities.

Here is one way to remodel your deck:

1. Get rid of the rails. As long as your deck isn’t too far off the ground, railing isn’t necessary. If you’re still worried about accidents after you’ve completed your remodelled deck, you can reinstall railings. For now, however, let your deck breathe as you remove all rails.

2. Do a Clean-Up Job. In remodelling a deck, you want to make sure that it looks fresh and new again. A lot of times, there is old paint, chipped wood, and rough edges left over. Peel that all away with high pressure water and a deck cleaner. Make sure it gets over the entire deck. Without letting it completely dry, get a pressure washer to completely rid the deck of any remaining dirt, debris, and paint. Stand back a little bit, about six inches, for best results. After, let your work do its job by letting it sit overnight.

3. Build New Steps as Required.

If you only have one flight of steps and want to add more to other sides of the deck, feel free to do so.

Here is an easy way how. Get pieces of wood that are 2×6 inches. After this, you’ll want to cut two boards. Make sure that they are each about one inch less than the desired width. Get the boards right next to each other, with the thinner sides up, and then, making your way down the boards, sketch marks about every 16 inches.

After this, count up all the marks and then add two. The number you get will be the small wood pieces that will be your support beams. When cutting these, make sure they are 3 1/2 inches less than the depth of the steps. After cutting them, take all the support beams and attach them to one of the bigger wood pieces. Make sure they are perpendicular to each mark made.

Get the other large piece and attach it to the support beams. Put on the floorboards and add them to the support beams. Put on the steps. First, put the bottom on and then the top. Make sure everything is attached.

4. Stain Your Deck.

Make sure to choose the colour that you want for your deck. There are many options to choose from. When staining your deck, make sure to do it thoroughly and evenly with equipment such as brushes and rollers. If you feel like the deck needs it, add an additional coat. Before adding anything on your newly remodelled deck, make sure to let the stain dry.