Gather the Deck Materials

There are plenty of deck materials to use when considering how to construct one. Make sure you know what types of woods and other materials there are to make the best choice for you.



This is known as pressure-treated lumber. Its main appeal is that it is very affordable and available in most hardware stores. However, a major drawback is the many issues that it can have. It is hypersensitive to cracking, warping, and splitting. It is not the best in weather resistance, so the maintenance demand is high.


Cedar is a more natural wood choice. It is considered very sturdy, dependable, and durable. It also costs significantly more than PT wood, unfortunately. However, many people still choose to use it due to its attractive nature.


Mahogany is a popular wood to use. It is considered a bit more colour-rich, but is just as durable as cedar. Mahogany decks cost more than cedar decks, but people love how the color adds to their home.


If you’re looking for a little variation in your wood patterns, go for cypress wood. Each board pattern is different, and there is a visual appeal to the wood that other woods don’t have.


Redwood is expensive, but it adds visual appeal to your deck immediately. It also has great durability and fights against decay of all shapes and forms.


Composite is a different material than pure wood. Although composite has wood specks in it, it also has large amounts of plastic. It has many advantages: it is not susceptible to warping, cracking, or decaying; it has low maintenance; it is inexpensive; and it has many options for design. The only drawback to it is that although it can look like wood, it doesn’t feel like it.


Vinyl might seem like a surprising material to think of, but it actually has many advantages. It’s less expensive than most woods. It’s durable. It can come in a variety of colours. Lastly, it is a low maintenance deck. Again, the main drawback is that it is not wood, though you can find ones that still look like wood.