Choose Your Deck Design

Do you have a deck space that is simply not usable? It might be too small a space to fit your barbeque, or maybe it’s too small to stand on while your children are playing on the swings. If you’re planning on remodeling (or installing) a deck that you don’t have, then you need to decide on what your deck design will be.

There are a few varieties of what your deck space can look like. Learn about each of them:

Upstairs/Raised Deck

If you enjoy having a nice view of the backyard and your neighbours’ yards as well, then consider remodelling for a raised deck. Raised decks are typically at the second level of the house and need beams and other support to hold them up. They are like a balcony. They offer a great place to eat on warm summer evenings as the sun slowly goes down, or a place to relax as the kids splash around in the pool down below. If you don’t want your deck so high, just a few feet off the ground can suffice. That way, the staircase will be short and you won’t be constantly hustling back and forth between the deck and the backyard.

Downstairs/Ground Level Deck

If you like being able to access your backyard easily, then a ground level deck is often the best. A ground level may be right above the ground or even a couple feet above the ground. It often needs little or minimal support from underneath. It offers a viable choice for relaxing in the shade of an awning or table umbrella while your children run on the lawn. It makes getting to them much quicker than with a raised deck, though the view isn’t grand.

Split Level Deck

If you’re really felling ambitious, then go for a split level deck. Maybe you want easy access to the backyard, but you also like having a view as well. Many people will invest in a split level deck that offers both. It’s one large and long deck; split into two levels and connected together by a staircase.