Effective Plumbing Tips For Saving Water In And Around Your Home

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In some areas of the country, droughts are increasingly becoming a serious concern. Even places that aren’t typically known for being dry, like Oregon, are being threatened by water shortages. Whether or not you live in an area that’s at risk for a drought, you should be concerned with the amount of water you use, especially during the hot summer months. Not only can water conservation save you money, it also protects the environment and allows this precious resource to replenish more quickly. Learn how to save more water with the following tips.

Saving Water Outside Your Home

Beside your kitchen and bathroom, your yard is perhaps the part of your home that uses the most water. For example, you might have an automatic sprinkler system which, if you’re not careful, can waste a lot of water unnecessarily. Try the following to curb your outside water usage:

  • Water your garden from up close. You might prefer to stand under the shade by the side of your house and spray your garden from a distance, but you could be wasting a significant amount of water this way. Instead bring the hose over to the plants and spray the water directly at the base of the plants. 
  • Water in the early morning. If you water your yard and garden in the middle of the day, the water will evaporate quickly. This not only wastes water, but prevents your lawn from getting the nourishment it needs as well. The best time for watering is in the early morning hours just before the sun comes up. 
  • Install a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems conserve water and are inexpensive. You can hire a professional plumber to put one in for you, or even install it yourself if you prefer.  
  • Program your automatic sprinkler carefully. Automatic sprinklers can be programmed to water your lawn for a certain amount of time at different times during the day. Program it to water for a short time early each morning, and be careful that you haven’t accidentally set it to water all night long, as this will waste water and damage your lawn.

You can find a professional to help you with these tips at http://www.maintenance-pro.com.

Saving Water Inside Your Home

You use water almost everywhere in your home, from your washer and dryer to your kitchen sink. You can easily waste a lot of water with all of the appliances and faucets you have around your home, but they also make it easy to save water if you use them conscientiously. Consider the ways you can save below:

  • Let your dishes soak. If you wash your dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running constantly while you scrub and rinse each dish. Fill the sink up, let the dishes soak, and only turn the water on when you need to rinse. If you use a dishwasher, don’t run it unless you have a full load of dishes to put inside it (but be careful not to overload it and reduce its efficiency). 
  • Only flush when it’s necessary. If you blow your nose, throw the tissue in the toilet, and immediately flush, you’re wasting a lot of water. Wait until you actually use the toilet to flush, and throw facial tissues in the trash can instead of the toilet. Never throw other types of paper like paper towels in the toilet–they can easily clog it.
  • Have a plumber install high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. “Green” fixtures like faucet regulators and low-flow toilets can save both money and water. 

Perhaps the best way to save water is to use it as sparingly as possible. This means being more conscious of how much water you use and taking active steps to reduce that usage.

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