Top Tips To Stay Healthy

Staying healthy should be one of our top priorities in life but between work, family and relationships it often falls to the bottom of the list. Here’s 3 of the top health tips that are not only easy to follow but good for you, too.
Try these out and you might be surprised at how much better you feel.

Don’t forget about breakfast. I know so many people that say “ugh, no way can I face food in the morning”. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a monster full course meal. In fact a light breakfast is better than a big one. Try a bowl or oatmeal or some fruit in the morning. You’ll get some needed energy and you’ll be less likely to eat a huge high calorie lunch.

Go to the dentist. There is no reason why your teeth should not last for your entire lifetime. Most problems with your teeth don’t become painful until they get to an advanced stage and often, by that time, the problem becomes irreversible. Going to the dentist on a semi-annual basis means that if there is a problem, it can be dealt with before it gets out of hand. If you think going to the dentist is uncomfortable, ask someone how comfortable it is to have dentures.

Take care of your bones. Bone mass is built during your growth years and from then on you have to take care of it or you will lose it. Eating foods that are rich in calcium can help you minimize problems with bones and joints. Yogurt, milk and broccoli are all good sources of calcium and, to be sure, it wouldn’t hurt to take a calcium supplement.

Get some sleep. Let’s face it, TV is pretty bad and staying up to watch it is a pretty bad excuse for not getting enough sleep. Everyones need for sleep is different but getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night can make all the difference in keeping you sharp the next day, lowering your stress levels and keeping the strain off your system.

Stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water leads to lack of energy, feelings of listlessness and can often be mistaken for hunger leading to an eating binge. Drinking 8 glasses of non-alcoholic liquid a day really isn’t that much spread out over 3 meals and coffee breaks. While water is obviously the best source of hydration drinking coffee, tea and diet sodas are perfectly acceptable for staying hydrated. Alcoholic beverages don’t work because they have a strong diuretic effect that actually puts you at a deficit.

Get into the sun and then get out of the sun. Depending on where you live getting 15 minutes a day of exposure to the sun is usually enough to stimulate the production of vitamin D in your skin. After that, you should wear sunblock of at least SPF 8 level to protect from overexposure. This is the best way to get the vitamin D you need while protecting your skin from sun damage and skin cancer.

Hit the weights. You might think that since you jog, do aerobics, pilates or spin class that you’ve got the exercise thing covered. Not completely. Lifting weights three times a week will keep your body toned and strong as well as putting healthy strain on your joints and ligaments. You’ll lose weight faster, too, because the muscle mass that you gain will burn calories at a higher rate and will stoke up your metabolism. You don’t have to go heavy to get the benefit, either. Lighter weight with more repetition will do the job.

Look for food with bright colors. And I don’t mean gummy bears. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables also have higher levels of antioxidants and flavonoids. These are powerful compounds that roam your body on a search and destroy mission looking for free radicals. Blueberries, strawberries and red peppers are good examples of high antioxidant foods that also happen to be delicious.

Get your weight under control. Yes, that sounds like a no-brainer and not just for the vanity factor. It has been estimated that every pound of excess fat that you have can cut 5 weeks off of your life. Besides the extra strain on your heart and lungs, being overweight leads to much more serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gout, osteoporosis and gallstones. Losing weight is also a huge stress reliever because you’re no longer depressed and unhappy about how you look. Unless you’re right at your target weight, the very first thing that anyone can do to look younger and feel younger is to lose weight.

Why we look good and feel good isn’t a mystery and we have some pretty well known ideas on how to get there. These are all things that you can do right now and the sooner the better. Start slow and small and be on your way.

Mascara Makeup Tips

Mascara gives substance and volume, and it completes the overall appeal of the eyes with sultry and moist lashes. Current varieties of this cosmetic are enriched with protein and wax additives for softening and conditioning of the lashes. Women with particularly thin and sparse lashes will definitely have improved and thicker lashes, with mascara variants containing lash-building formulas; but if in case that a contact lens is involved in the picture, this type is discouraged from use, since the fibers of the consistency can clog the thin gap between the eye and the lens, thereby causing irritation.

Mascara comes in a variety of colors, with the brown and blacks serving as the staples. It also comes in several types, each with its own definitive purpose. Cake mascara is significantly longer lasting, and stays set more firmly than the others; the main drawback is that it tends to run down and congeal quickly with moisture. Waterproof mascara is great on this part, since it stays set even in moist conditions, and can only be removed with a special treatment made for the purpose; but it does little in adding volume to the lashes, and also does even less in giving them much-needed natural moisture. Regular-type mascara is the type which is easiest to break and run down since it is basically water-soluble. Some variants contain fiber additives for the purpose of giving the lashes substance; the fibers cling to the lashes for an added illusion of length.

Probably the most familiar eye makeup tool, the mascara wand is invaluable in the proper shaping of the lashes during treatment. It comes in different shapes for various purposes. Those with wands in the shape of a crescent are used to coax the lashes upwards during application; fat mascara wands with bristles running all around the neck helps lend the lashes thickness through an individual coating of each strand; wands without bristles get the application closer to the strand roots; and double-tapered wands serve in giving more definition to thinner and sparse lash strands.

When applying mascara, avoid the persistent habit of pumping the brush into the tube, as this can overload the bristles and clog the eyelashes. Instead, pull back the brush in one smooth and twisting motion from the tube, so that the consistency is even throughout the wand. Wipe off any excess with a tissue, before rolling the brush through the lashes for curl and definition. Do steady, outward strokes of the brush, from the roots of the lashes to the ends, in order to avoid residue from accumulating at the base. Make sure that you minimize the application on the base, as this can smear off on the eyes if you inadvertently rub them off with your hand.